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LRP owner/lead photographer

Hi there! My name is Brijet.

I am the lead photographer and owner at Little R Photography. If you would have told me just a few years ago that I would be a mother of two little girls with a camera strapped around my neck, I probably would've laughed. My life is not what I had ever dreamed it would be, and I am all the more happy for it! Photography has always been my passion. I've always loved the little things in life like the way leaves dance on trees, the dapple of light on a calm summer morning, the details of a child's face. I always dreamed of a way to capture all these things and photography has been that fulfillment for me. Growing up, my father documented every stage of our lives and always had our family's pictures printed. I, in turn, have done the same for my little family. I guess you can say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! 

A few things I love:

Jesus. Without my GOD, I would be lost / My husband & children. If you don't see a camera strapped around my neck, you'll likely see my daughters' tiny arms around it / ANYTHING CHOCOLATE. Yup, no self control over here/ Art, in any form / Fashion, beauty, design / Inside jokes with friends that have stood the test of time / The sound of my baby girls' voice and laughter

Now that you know a little about me, I'd love to know a little about you! Comment & tell me what YOU love!

94.3 K Love Single Moms Event

94.3 K Love Single Moms Event